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Drying and crying

I live in a shared flat, so when I cry I turn my hairdryer on. My flatmates probably think I’m constantly taking showers, which is not a bad thing, I guess. I am sorry about the bills, sorry about wasting electricity, but I’d rather not hear myself sob out loud.


Crying on a bus.

I went to a job interview just to get out of the house. Not shopping, not to get an ice cream, to a fucking job interview. Good thing is, I didn’t even care about it, so I was pretty relaxed. Who cares about work when your heart is broken right?

Another good thing, I kept thinking “Wow you’re fucking strong just for doing this”. And truth is, I am fucking strong for even waking up in the morning.

In the bus on my way home I started crying like crazy, just couldn’t handle it anymore. Not so fucking strong anymore. A lady I never saw before in my life sat next to me and convinced it to get a coffee and just talk about it. I said yes because I just didn’t know what to do anymore. Turned out it made me feel a little bit better. Well, I still felt like shit to be honest, but it was so good to see that there are actually amazing and caring random people out there.