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Tonight I dreamt about you and the conversation we never had. The one where we just speak out all of our feelings. You were talking so calmly, and I was just crying and crying and being desperate. But somehow it didn’t even feel like it was you. It was this cold hearted person that I couldn’t even recognise. And then I realised that I wasn’t crying because you were leaving me, I was crying because you didn’t exist anymore. The persone I felt in love with, completely gone. So I guess this in not about being left, it’s about suffering a bereavement. We didn’t break up, you died.


Sex and the city

Sex and the City is probably the only thing I can watch right now. Even though I’ve watched that show a hundred times, there’s always something reassuring about knowing that everyone sooner or later goes through the same shit, and then moves on, and then other shit happens and so on. Maybe not 100% reassuring in a “happily ever after” manner, but still, a down moment has to be followed by a great time. It has to. Right?